Makers Fund invests $5 million in Unit 2 Games

The UK game development studio has closed an investment deal with an eminent venture firm

Makers Fund is a venture capital firm that supports VR Chat, Redhill Games, Betadwarf and has invested in more than 20 game projects. And another deal with Unit 2 Games was announced at the Investment Summit today.

The main aim of the investment is “Crayta” – a development platform from Unit 2 Games, that is designed to facilitate the process of game creation and to make it more user-friendly. The project is due to launch in Spring 2020.

The UK-based games studio was founded in late 2017, and it has grown its team to over 30 people nowadays. “We had a strong vision for Crayta from the very beginning so continued to put a lot of time and effort into building our deck alongside the product itself, and had honed our pitch and demos during the year, too.” – CEO and founder Richard Smithies.

The partners of the deal are excited to work with each other and the $5 million will help the studio to make their best for the project ahead of its launch in Spring.

There’s a lot of work to be done but we’re confident we can pull it off with Makers Fund’s support, as well as the financing from our other as-yet-unannounced partner,” says Richard.

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