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Snakes and Ladders Plus
MobileBoardFree to PlaySingle-Player, Multiplayer, Local MultiplayerUnitySoft Launched
If you Love to Play Ludo, Carrom or any other board game which helps you to spend some time with your family then this is the game that you are looking for.
Lions & Dragons
Investment$100K - $300K
alesxander studioCosta RicaFounded in 20122-5 employees
PC, PlayStation, XboxAction, AdventurePremiumSingle-PlayerUnreal EngineIn Development
Alimak, leader of the tribe of lions, fights to save his people from the dragons, enchanted by the dark witch, Alam
Money Power
Mobile, PCOther, Massively Multiplayer, ArcadeFree to PlayMultiplayerUnityConcept, Idea
This is a top-down 2D multiplayer game for up to 16 people. The inspiration is the game "Among Us". Easy to implement the game, thanks to the simplicity of the gameplay, a great chance of success
Solomon Snow - First Contact
Futuresalt EntertainmentUnited KingdomFounded in 20196-10 employees
Mobile, PC, XboxAction, PuzzlePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
Single player 3D top down action, shooter casual game with soft puzzles inspired by classics such as Alien Breed 2D, Duke Nukem or even John McClane.
PCAdventure, Puzzle, WorldFree to PlaySingle-PlayerUnityConcept, Idea
Run, jump, and teleport your way through a mysterious landscape where nothing is as it seems. Meet all the creatures of the land and learn their story. Help change the world and its future.
Project Apax
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
Boreal Mist StudioSpainFounded in 20202-5 employees
PCAdventure, Role-Playing, WorldPremiumSingle-PlayerUnityBeta
Apax is a video game that draws on the great classic turn-based RPGs to generate a new adventure of fantasy, magic and a lot of emotion. Live the story of Laia and Evan to preserve the balance of the world and protect everything they love
Lea's Chronicles - The Crystal Drive
InvestmentPublishing$500K - $1M
Futuresalt EntertainmentUnited KingdomFounded in 20196-10 employees
PC, PlayStation, XboxAction, Adventure, PuzzlePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
Third-person adventure game with action, science and soft puzzles, featuring strong personality with superhuman abilities inspired by Tomb Raider, and Uncharted.
3D Reconstruct - Jigsaw Puzzle
MobilePuzzle, Hyper-CasualPremium, Free to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnitySoft Launched
Solve 3D Puzzle and reconstruct shattered object.
Jurassic Architect
Investment$100K - $300K
YeyunaPolandFounded in 20202-5 employees
PCAction, Simulation, StrategyPremiumSingle-PlayerUnityConcept, Idea
Jurassic Architect is a strategy game set in the not-so-distant future, from which humanity, thanks to the achievements of technology, escapes from a polluted and destroyed world to the age of the dinosaurs in order to be able to create a new civiliz
The Death Cage
MobileActionRewarded AdsMultiplayerUnityLaunched
It's A multiplayer game about killing zombies in waves. It has different enemies with different behaviours, like froze, fire, jump, or throw objects. In this game you can play alone or with other friends, it has the room systems, leaderboards, daily