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Dragoness: Command of The Flame
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
Crazy Goat GamesPolandFounded in 20116-10 employees
PC, PlayStation, XboxStrategyPremiumSingle-PlayerUnityPrototype
Dragoness - a high fantasy turn-based roguelite strategy inspired by HoMM. Dragoness has been already chosen by Xsolla's program "Hands of Midas" which means that Xsolla will fund 20% of the production!
Ruditva Yuga
Fearless StudiosIndiaFounded in 20202-5 employees
PC, PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchOther, Role-PlayingPremiumSingle-PlayerUnreal EnginePrototype
Rudtiva Yuga is a psychological horror game
Stormy Helix
MobileHyper-CasualFree to PlaySingle-PlayerUnityLaunched
In a similar style to the helix platforming games. Jump up the platforms to escape the ever rising water.
In The Crags
Slug Human ProductionsUnited StatesFounded in 20176-10 employees
PC, PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchAction, AdventurePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
an Adventure Platformer with Skateboarding and a captivating setting
ClarludumUnited StatesFounded in 20212-5 employees
MobileCasualFree to PlaySingle-PlayerUnityAlpha
Dive into the astrological world by matching zodiac signs and planet cards.
Domino Gaple
Twirly Blaze StudioIndonesiaFounded in 20202-5 employees
Mobile, WebCardFree to PlayMultiplayerUnityIn Development
Domino Gaple is the most basic domino variant
The Lone Blade
Opia GamesFranceFounded in 20212-5 employees
PCOtherPremiumSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
The Lone Blade is a 3D platformer where you play as a sword. The game takes place in the ruins of a world that once was yours. In order to redeem yourself you will have to ascend throughout this fallen world.
Solomon Snow: First Contact
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
Futuresalt EntertainmentUnited KingdomFounded in 20196-10 employees
Mobile, PC, XboxAction, Puzzle, Hyper-CasualFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
Sometimes when you come to work, the Solar System is under attack. Glakmirk battle cruiser has landed on Neptune and portals to the other planets are open. This is what Solomon Snow, an ordinary security worker, has to deal with today: an alien army
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
Futuresalt EntertainmentUnited KingdomFounded in 20196-10 employees
MobileActionFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnityLaunched
Collect gems, blast zombies, and discover secret places.
	 Paper In Trash
KreaSaar GamesIndiaFounded in 20202-5 employees
MobileCasual, PuzzleFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnityLaunched
Paper in trash is brain puzzle game with challenging gameplay and unique play style. You have to navigate the paper ball into the trash can by using rulers. You have been given 3 abilities like : The hand which will give you the ability to move tras