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InvestmentPublishing$500K - $1M
Deidre Reay Studios LLCUnited StatesFounded in 20202-5 employees
PCAction, Adventure, Role-Playing, Strategy, Massively MultiplayerPremiumSingle-Player, Multiplayer, Local MultiplayerUnityAlpha
Carth is a multiplayer medieval light fantasy survival rpg that brings an enormous open world map to explore, build, and thrive in. The Choices will be your own on how you survive in Carth.
The Duelist: Sanaculus
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
PC, PlayStation, XboxRole-Playing, StrategyPremiumSingle-PlayerUnreal EnginePre-Alpha
The Duelist: Sanaculus is a turn-based tactical RPG game in dark medieval settings about a squad of mercenaries who are bound to save the world, which can be described as a mix of Disciples II and Battle Chasers: Nightwar.
Blazing Worldstars
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
Bloodrune EntertainmentUnited StatesFounded in 20201 employees
PCOther, Action, ArcadePremiumMultiplayer, Local MultiplayerUnityAlpha
A fast paced, 90s inspired, 2D traditional fighting game inspired by the likes of KoF and MvC!
Little Hero Fighters
MobileAdventure, Role-PlayingFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnityPrototype
Idle RPG type mobile game. Collect materials to craft armor, weapons and shields. Craft Collect and upgrade over 1500 different equipment. Recraft the same equipment over and over again to try get the highest possible stat for that equipment.
Fog Runner
MobileArcadePremium, Free to PlaySingle-PlayerUnitySoft Launched
A Fresh look onto runners. Key features: - No borderers, no limits. Game is open-world and chunk-generated (optimized for slow devices) - Fog mechanic keep runner challenging. It's quite addictive! - Each world contains multiple bioms. Never same :)
Legacy 1917
InvestmentPublishing$300K - $500K
Bears SmileIsraelFounded in 20196-10 employees
PCOther, Action, AdventurePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
Legacy 1917 is a stealth action game set during Russian revolution. Fight your way back home through the collapsed empire.
Geometry space
Gentleman NutRussiaFounded in 20212-5 employees
MobileArcadeRewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnityBeta
mobile arcade game
Illogic GamesJapanFounded in 20211 employees
PCAction, AdventurePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
Story-driven top-down shoot'em up
Styr's Problem
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
MobileActionFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerOtherBeta
Beautiful action rogue-like
Adventures of the Old Testament - The Bible Video Game
Mobile, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchAdventurePremium, Free to PlaySingle-Player, MultiplayerUnityIn Development
This game will take you on a journey throughout the stories of the Bible. Sections of the Old Testament; Merging animation content and game play.