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Noire Polis
Ukie GamesEstoniaFounded in 20226-10 employees
PCCasual, Puzzle, Board, CardPremiumSingle-PlayerUnityPrototype
Noire Polis is an audiovisual detective novel in the setting of Ancient Greece in a noir style with elements of a board game.
GeekspreeGermanyFounded in 20221 employees
Mobile, PCActionPremiumSingle-Player, Local MultiplayerUnitySoft Launched
In this unforgiving rogue-lite twin stick shooter, death awaits you behind every corner. Fight your way through hordes of monsters, eliminate bosses and loot their valuable items and body parts.
2.5D Side-scroller | Asymmetric Horror Multiplayer | Villain x V
DoubleHit GamesBrazilFounded in 20152-5 employees
Mobile, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchOtherPremium, Free to Play, Rewarded Ads, SubscriptionMultiplayerUnityIn Development
Is a Dead by Daylight and side scroller combination, inspired by the old Scooby-Doo SNES game from the 90s and Amoung US
DC3: Viral Menace
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
S-Qubed Entertainment Inc.CanadaFounded in 20222-5 employees
PCAction, Adventure, Strategy, ArcadePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityIn Development
Fight your way through hordes of a deadly infection with Dr Vidya Vichaar, a.k.a Dr. Capsule, and the incredible Caper-5000, as they traverse the human body, and collect enough antigen to save Patient Zero.
PC, PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchAction, Adventure, CasualPremiumSingle-PlayerGameMakerIn Development
Discover an otherworldly 2D platformer where alien planets unveil their secrets. Encounter unique creatures, cosmic upgrades, and unravel the mystery of a lost crew. Embark on a celestial journey in Grav1ty!
Ball Sort Puzzle - Color Sort
Green Orange AppsRussiaFounded in 20211 employees
MobilePuzzleFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnityLaunched
Ball Sort Puzzle is a color sorting, fun and relaxing casual game. Click on the ball and move the balls of the same color into the tubes so that they are sorted by color.
Danger Gazers
Ultimate Games MobilePolandFounded in 20212-5 employees
MobileActionFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerGameMakerLaunched
Danger Gazers is a dynamic game Roguelike, which will provide you with a lot of emotions and challenges. Fight with various opponents, collect unique items and develop your skills to survive in a world full of danger.
Escape: Underground
This is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that takes place in a dark and atmospheric environment.
Dawn of Mages
TwoShrinksRomaniaFounded in 20202-5 employees
PCActionPremiumMultiplayerUnreal EngineBeta
3rd person multiplayer arena PvP with magic and spells, not guns.
Fall Cars
InvestmentPublishing$300K - $500K
KoshkaDevRussiaFounded in 20222-5 employees
Mobile, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchRacingFree to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-Player, MultiplayerUnityPrototype
Racing game where needs to overcome obstacles and get to the finish line. Popular mode from GTA5 stunt race. Skill test.