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Graywalkers Purgatory
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $500K
Dreamlords Digital.comPhilippinesFounded in 20116-20 employees
PC, PS4, Xbox, SwitchRole-Playing, StrategyPremiumSingle-PlayerSoft Launched
Graywalkers Purgatory is a turn-based strategy RPG set in a supernatural post-apocalyptic world where Heaven and Hell merged with Earth. You are the prophesied hero meant to lead the war to reclaim the world for humanity
The Immortal Mystic
InvestmentPublishing$500K - $1M
Mindiff Technology SLSpainFounded in 201721-50 employees
Mobile, PC, XboxOther, Role-Playing, Strategy, Sports, Hardcore, SocialFree to PlayMultiplayerAlpha
mindiff is a innovative company developing technology and videogames for the entertainment sector:
IndustrySim Virtical Slice
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $500K
IndustrySimFinlandFounded in 20131-5 employees
PCOther, Simulation, StrategySubscriptionSingle-PlayerIn Development
In this Vertical Slice, Vellamo Cliff session we introduce a Smart Electric Grid implemented in a village with 2000+ houses, having water circulated heating with heat storage tanks heated with electricity.
Detective Stories Clinic
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $500K
GameFallUzbekistanFounded in 20191-5 employees
Mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, VRAdventure, PuzzlePremium, Free to Play, Rewarded AdsSingle-PlayerConcept, Idea
Innovative point&click genre quest game.
Picolors Griddler
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $500K
Croozy StudioFranceFounded in 20171-5 employees
Mobile, SwitchCasual, PuzzleFree to PlaySingle-PlayerIn Development
Picolors Griddler is a mobile and tablet picross game. The player follows the adventures of Gan, an elephant apprentice of the priests of the colors.
Lords of Sword
CodeBits InteractiveRussiaFounded in 201621-50 employees
Mobile, WebRole-PlayingFree to PlaySingle-Player, MultiplayerLaunched
Lords of Sword is an mobile and social turn-based MMORPG game
Freelancer Tycoon: Angry Geeks
CodeBits InteractiveRussiaFounded in 201621-50 employees
Mobile, PCSimulationFree to PlaySingle-PlayerLaunched
Freelancer's life simulator for Android and PC.
Pepoland: The Stoned Wars
CodeBits InteractiveRussiaFounded in 201621-50 employees
Mobile, PCSimulation, CasualPremiumSingle-Player, MultiplayerLaunched
Real Gangsta Life Simulator - Build your own crime empire and fight in PVP!
Final Fortress - Idle Survival
Alley LabsVietnamFounded in 2006101+ employees
Mobile, WebSimulation, StrategyFree to PlaySingle-PlayerLaunched
The Ultimate end-of-the-world clicker. Somehow you survived. Defend yourself against the Zombies and save humanity.
Word Genius
Alley LabsVietnamFounded in 2006101+ employees
MobilePuzzleFree to PlaySingle-PlayerLaunched
Even the smartest word gamers will have a real challenge with this puzzle game.