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Jurassic Architect
Investment$100K - $300K
YeyunaPolandFounded in 20202-5 employees
PCAction, Simulation, StrategyPremiumSingle-PlayerUnityConcept, Idea
Jurassic Architect is a strategy game set in the not-so-distant future, from which humanity, thanks to the achievements of technology, escapes from a polluted and destroyed world to the age of the dinosaurs in order to be able to create a new civiliz
The Death Cage
MobileActionRewarded AdsMultiplayerUnityLaunched
It's A multiplayer game about killing zombies in waves. It has different enemies with different behaviours, like froze, fire, jump, or throw objects. In this game you can play alone or with other friends, it has the room systems, leaderboards, daily
Panic Mode
InvestmentPublishing$100K - $300K
MobiusCodeGermanyFounded in 20186-10 employees
PCSimulation, Casual, PuzzlePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityAlpha
Panic Mode is a crisis management simulation game in which adorable creatures known as 'Pammies' are constantly in need of emergency assistance.
Project Timeline - Kill Zombies, Protect Humanity
MobileActionRewarded AdsSingle-PlayerUnityPrototype
Glimpse into the Future - AI VS Zombies A powerful AI, ASARA has reached back through the timeline to seek your help. Connect to the defenses of the future to help destroy the uprising of a new threat.
Travel Words
InvestmentPublishing$300K - $500K
Game MavericksRussiaFounded in 201611-20 employees
MobilePuzzleFree to PlaySingle-PlayerUnitySoft Launched
Travel Words is a casual word game with a one of the classic word games core gameplay. We are targeting 35+, mostly Females.
Jungle House
SimulaMakerPolandFounded in 20156-10 employees
PCAdventure, Simulation, CasualPremiumSingle-PlayerUnreal EngineAlpha
Can you build house in jungle wilderness almost with your hands? Yes, you can!
Chinese Empire
Investment$100K - $300K
YeyunaPolandFounded in 20202-5 employees
PCSimulationPremiumSingle-PlayerUnityConcept, Idea
Chinese Empire is an economic city-building strategy taking place in the picturesque areas of China. Create your own new empire that will go down in history!
The Sabotage
Investment$100K - $300K
YeyunaPolandFounded in 20202-5 employees
PCActionPremiumMultiplayer, Local MultiplayerUnityConcept, Idea
The Sabotage is a multiplayer coop in which players try to find gold together, while one of them, as a saboteur, tries to prevent this from happening.
MobileSportsRewarded AdsSingle-PlayerLibGDXLaunched
The excitement and risk in BetNetix are exclusively real. The intensity of passions is provided by real sporting events, proven bookmaker betting odds, competent analytics.
An Everyday Story
Cactus ProductionItalyFounded in 20212-5 employees
PC, SwitchOther, Adventure, PuzzlePremiumSingle-PlayerUnityAlpha
An Everyday Story is a 3D Horizontal Platform Story-Driven game.