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Bfg Yazılım
www.bfgyazilim.comTurkeyFounded in 20102-5 employees
We are a team focused on mobile and hyper casual games.
Bëor Game Studio in 20181 employees
I'm a solo developer now working on Revenot, it is a roguelike/RPG game, the maps, the items, the strength of enemies and some quests are created randomly, and upgrading your hero is the only way to go deeper into adventure.
Promethean Interactive
prometheaninteractive.comBrazilFounded in 20172-5 employees
We are a game company created in 2018 whose mission is to craft engaging game experiences with deep and complex mechanics and rich gameplay. Promethean Interactive is based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Rainbow Pixel Games
rainbowpixelgames.comBrazilFounded in 20201 employees
I'm an one-man indie developer who is happy to work with games. Looking to make casual mobile games.
Dogs In Hats
www.instagram.comBelarusFounded in 20201 employees
Developer studio located in Minsk, Belarus
www.piksli.comSloveniaFounded in 201311-20 employees is a dynamic and young team working and creating in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Early founded as web and mobile development company, has evolved into a custom software development and video game development company.
White Vortex in 20182-5 employees
We live to entertain people and share our stories. It's a studio that started in 2018 and has shipped the RPG Order from Caos. We're to release the survival horror Hidden Shelter in January 2021. We're also developing 3 other titles.
DoubleHit Games
www.doublehitgames.comBrazilFounded in 20152-5 employees
Small game studio located in Curitiba, Brazil. Founded in 2015, the studio’s focus is on creating high-quality games that provide a unique and compelling player experience.
Gear Worx Productions
www.gearworxprod.comPhilippinesFounded in 20001 employees
Gear Worx Productions is ran 100% by a solo developer / artist with a raw passion for story telling.
Anoa Interactive in 20166-10 employees
We are a small game developer studio based in Medan, Indonesia. Anoa Interactive has been created by experimented multidisciplinary team of programmers, artists and designers.