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Mindiff Technology SL
www.mindiff.comSpainFounded in 201721-50 employees
mindiff is a innovative company developing technology and videogames for the entertainment sector.
Rubicon Fund
rubiconfund.nlNetherlandsFounded in 20201-5 employees
We are offering a private investment fund that invests in the development & exploitation of game IP. We call it - Rubicon Fund
www.dreamlordsdigital.comPhilippinesFounded in 20116-20 employees
Dreamlords Digital is a game and app development company that was established in 2011. The company has developed over a dozen games for various clients but right now our focus is our own big project called Graywalkers Purgatory.
gamefall.meUzbekistanFounded in 20191-5 employees
We are game development studio located in Uzbekistan. We have developed mobile games called Spectre Go, Night Fury, Dono Words, Gemmot and Humper. Right now we are developing the game Detective Stories Clinic for PC, Mac, Android and iOS
industrysim.comFinlandFounded in 20131-5 employees
The IndustrySim Virtual Platform will allow to quickly build a fully-functioning model of an industrial facility, with multiple events that occur there, and then play a game of them. All scenarios must work in real world as well.
Croozy Studio
croozy.studioFranceFounded in 20171-5 employees
We are looking for a publisher for our game Picolor Griddlers. A f2p casual mobile puzzle game, based on Picross in an adventure world.
Starloop Studios
starloopstudios.comSpainFounded in 201151-100 employees
Your one-stop studio for game development outsourcing. Our games are built to perform at world-class levels!
Sigma Team
www.sigma-team.netRussiaFounded in 20036-20 employees
Legendary games since the year 2003!
CodeBits Interactive in 201621-50 employees
The goal of the company is development of applications and games, and interactive entertainment solutions.
Alley Labs
www.alleylabs.comVietnamFounded in 2006101+ employees
US and Southeast Asia based Game developers specializing in mobile and web. 10 years experience.