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I love using GamesRound, it's the most intuitive platform for a publishing manager. You can see a short preview of the game, learn about the studio and reach out to them - all in one platform. Many Thanks for making a such great platform.

Tamir Kirshenbaum
Publishing Manager at MOONEE.io

We started using GamesRound on a weekly basis to detect new studios. The diversity on the platform is pretty significant. We could find studios with extensive track records, as well as pretty fresh ones.

Ilan Nabeth
Publishing Manager at Homa Games

GamesRound has a very friendlly interface and is a nice place to start looking for investors and publishers. I've been talking to some of them so I can improve my own projects. New features like the pitch deck helps a lot and saves a lot of time.

Renan Barreto
Developer at White Vortex

We use the platform, I receive notifications from time to time based on my saved filters. Idea is good - you set up filters once and get notifications regularly! Developers, please add links to pitches and playable builds - this would help evaluate projects better.

Oleg Zelikman
Business Development Director at Meta Publishing

GamesRound is not only the place where you can find an investor for your project but also it can be used as a showroom of the projects.

Akmaljon Musaev
BCo-founder of GameFall

GamesRound is a must for any developer that wants to have visibility in a crowded market. After submitting our games we started receiving contacts from publishers right away!

André Santos
Product Manager at Nectar Interactive
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Case StudyCampero Games
Great studio description, games list and outstanding team profiles. Reed full story of success in our blog
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