Altor Fund Secures Majority Stake In Raw Fury

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Altor Fund, a leading global investment firm, has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Sweden-based independent indie game publisher Raw Fury.

The terms of the partnership remain undisclosed.

“We are grateful for our previous partner Nordisk Film’s unwavering belief and support in strengthening who we are and what we represent today,” said Jónas Antonsson, Raw Fury CEO. “Now we are ready for the next step in our growth journey with Altor. They are an amazing partner believing in our vision, quirkiness, and aim and with capabilities that will enable major organic and inorganic growth areas. We will keep being a force for the good in this industry, not the least keep putting artistic integrity at the forefront.”

Altor’s investment in Raw Fury also comes partially from another investment company Nordisk Film Games, which already acquired a minority stake in Raw Fury for $5.5 million in 2018. The Raw Fury team said Altor’s experience and monetary boost would help them increase their production capacity, add more developers to the staff, and publish larger projects.

At the same time, it will help them continue funding smaller experimental art projects. Furthermore, they also want to contribute to initiatives like Art of Fury with this investment.

“Indie publishers are well-positioned in a really exciting market. Raw Fury has a great brand driven by their artsy niche and strong culture. We are highly committed to supporting Raw Fury in realizing an ambitious growth plan going forward; the journey has truly only begun,” commented Mattias Holmström, Partner at Altor.

Founded in 2015 by Jónas Antonsson, Raw Fury specializes in arty, story-rich ‘indie’ games for PC and consoles. According to their press kit, Raw Fury has published 24 games and has several more slated for release in 2021. They’re developed by small independent developers located all over the world.  

Despite being a young company with only 60 employees, Raw Fury is seen as a top indie publisher globally, according to industry news outlets.

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