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Bungie raises $1.6 million for charity through Game2give pledge drive

The Bungie Foundation’s first Game2give pledge drive raised $1.6 million for charity

The Bungie Foundation’s first Game2give fundraiser raised $1.6 million for philanthropy, reserves that MCV says the association intends to use to help Children’s Miracle Network and its very own iPads for Kids program.

“At Bungie, our motivation is to make universes that move kinship, and we are so exceptionally thankful for our locale to grasp this so emphatically. We see this play out every single day as deep rooted kinships are manufactured, Guardians bolster their kindred Guardians both inside and outside of our game, and when our locale rallies together for unfathomable causes, for example, supporting children in emergency clinics.”

  Bungie Foundation ranking director Christine Edwards

Beginning on October 24, individuals from the Destiny people group could give for the Game2give drive and open in-game rewards, with some gift levels offering an opportunity at getting physical merchandise for partaking.

Streamers that picked to take an interest in the drive in like manner could acquire in-game and physical prizes for the amount they had the option to raise between that start date and November 10.

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