Electric Gamebox Nets $11m In Series A Funding

Electric Gamebox

Electric Gamebox, which offers a new way to experience video games, has announced it secured $11 million in Series A funding.

The immersive gaming platform delivers hyper-immersive games through interactive digital smart rooms called “Gamebox” gaming pods. These gaming pods allow you to play games with up to six people in your favorite retail space for 15 and 60 minutes. The rooms feature touchscreens, projection mapping, LIDARs, 3D motion tracking as well as surround sound.

“We are thrilled to be working with such legendary investors to accelerate our expansion and further our mission to bring people together through shared play; changing the way people think about video games,” said Electric Gamebox CEO Will Dean. “We aim to elevate immersive entertainment to the next level, with 1,000+ units playing 100+ games in the next 5 years. The future of retail is experiential and we can’t wait to be a part of this transformation.”

The funding round was led by Philian, with further contributions from Index Ventures, Brookfield Asset Management, and ActivumSG. The company has raised over $25 million in total investments to date.

“We were looking at existing location-based entertainment. You had experiences that were quite social and fun, but very hard to repeat, because things like escape rooms have a problem to solve and once you’ve solved it, you don’t go back. We wanted a way to change the content. Meanwhile, VR experiences didn’t seem like they were super social, as you interact through the game but can’t have that face-to-face interaction. We wanted a genuine social experience,” commented Spindler.

Electric Gamebox was co-founded in 2018 by Will Dean and David Spindler, who serves as the CFO of the company. Electric Gamebox is an innovative company that believes in the power of shared play using top-class technology to create immersive social games with a friendly tone, so people can find new ways to connect and have fun.

The founders also said Electric Gamebox wanted to create a genuine social experience, where the content could be updated frequently and bring people back again.

Electric Gamebox said they’ll be expanding to more than 1,000 locations by 2026, and this investment will help them do it. 

Currently, the company wants to expand its operations in the US and the UK.

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