Five Studios Receive Grants Up To $159K From UK Global Screen Fund Award

UK Global Screen Awards

More grants have been given out as part of the UK Global Screen Fund by the British Film Institute, with five going to game developers.

The five studios are Blazing Griffin Games, Outsider Games, Revolution Software, SFB Games, and Sketchbook Games.

A total of 25 honors were presented in various film, animation, television, and gaming industries, with video games accounting for 5% of the current trend.

The grants are designed to assist UK firms in the creative screen industries in developing their international operations. The awards vary between $67,000 (£50,000) and $159,032 (£117,600) and are given out over three years. In all, $2.84 million (£2.1 million) was handed out to the latest generation of contestants.

Here’s more about the developers that received the grants:

Blazing Griffin Games: Blazing Griffin Games is the creator of Distant Star: Revenant Fleet and Murder Mystery Machine, an Apple Arcade exclusive. The money will be used to hire individuals specifically focused on international markets.

Outsider Games: The award will assist the Jennifer Wilde developer’s ongoing work of Alter Ego, a 2D/3D hybrid detective game, which is currently in progress.

Revolution Software: The creator of Beyond A Steel Sky will use the cash to develop and market new projects while also revising old ones with a concentration on important international markets.

SFB Games: The Snipperclips developer intends to use the money for supporting its international localization efforts and the distribution of its upcoming unannounced title.

Sketchbook Games: The developer of the Lost Words will use the funds for developing the prototype of its second title.

The UK Global Screen Fund has already made 54 grants worth $5.95 million (£4.4 million) in its first year.

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