Google For Startup’s European Black Founders Fund Latest Investment Is AudioMob


AudioMob, an in-game audio ad startup, announced that it had been selected as a recipient for funding by Google for Startup’s European Black Founders Fund. AudioMob is a pioneer in mobile advertising.

With their recent introduction, they are bridging the gap between audio and mobile opportunities with non-intrusive ads. In addition, the funding will help the startup deliver more value to game developers, players and brands by introducing an innovative new advertising method.

The Fund is an amazing development in the tech world. It’s a response to the fact that under 0.25% of total VC funding goes to Black-led startups, and a mere 3% of venture capitalists are black people.

AudioMob is set to receive an undisclosed sum from Google’s European Black Founders Fund. This funding comes as AudioMob prepares for its series A fundraising later this year. In addition to AudioMob, 30 other companies, including Afrocenchix and Suvera, will also receive the funding.

“It’s an honor to have been recognised by Google’s European Black Founders Fund,” commented Christian Facey. “Google is once again moving to support diversity and representation across the investment and technology sectors. These themes deeply matter to us, and the funding itself will be used to bring more technological advancements, patents and growth, not just through innovation but also diverse thinking.”

“We are proud to receive funding from Google and will use the funding to improve our hiring practices and expand our engineering team. Sincere congratulations to the other founders that are being supported by the Fund. AudioMob is delighted to be in very impressive company,” Wilfrid Obeng added.

Christian Facey is the CEO of AudioMob, and Wilfrid Obeng is CTO. Together they have recently worked to place in-game audio ads with several companies, including Warner Music, BMG, and FMCG brands. The duo also happens to be the co-founders of AudioMob.

Based in Google for Startups, London, UK, AudioMob has weathered the storm of the pandemic in 2020 and now shining brightly in its most profitable year. They have attracted top talent to their team, partnered with global brands, doubled down on R&D during this turmoil period and are seeing amazing exponential growth. The AudioMob team will use the funding to hire more people, expand their teams and develop new patents.

Google’s Head of VC and Startup Partnerships (EMEA), Rachael Palmer, said Google is impressed with co-founders Christian and Wilfrid and the innovative work they did through AudioMob.

“We remain impressed with co-founders, Christian and Wilfrid, and the innovation they are driving through AudioMob. Their unique advertising proposition combined with their success to date made them stand out during the selection for the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund recipients. I am so excited for what’s ahead for this great company and look forward to working with them,” said Rachael Palmer.

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