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Gumi ups investment in My Crypto Heroes dev Double Jump.Tokyo

It costet for the company about 1.7 million dollars

This latest buy sees Gumi Cryptos get 891 non-casting a ballot shares from Double Jump.Tokyo parent organization DLE Inc., a 22.61 percent stake in the studio. With that exchange taken care of, and following the exchange of past offers from another Gumi auxiliary set to settle on July 1, Gumi Cryptos will have responsibility for percent of the studio’s offers.

Through its cryptographic money centered auxiliary Gumi Cryptos, Gumi has obtained ¥179.5 million (~$1.7 million) worth of offers in the game dev studio Double Jump.Tokyo, expanding on a prior interest in the organization from late 2018. 

The move looks to extend Gumi’s essence in the blockchain game business, all while reinforcing its current association with My Crypto Heroes dev Double Jump.Tokyo.