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Mike Tyson invests in rising esports team. Boxing champion planes to build new gaming facility

Famous boxing champion Mike Tyson is entering esports by making an investment into a young gaming organization Fade 2 Karma

Mike Tyson has announced that he will officially be investing some of his hard won fortune into Fade 2 Karma. The organisation has taken in Tyson’s 
investment and is looking into expanding their facilities. 
Fade 2 Karma describe themselves as a “professional eSports and Gaming Entertainment organization” who are mainly involved in Heathstone. 
Although specific figures weren’t disclosed, Tyson and co have big plans 
with Fade 2 Karma and are going to produce a huge esports entertainment venue named simply The Ranch House. 

On Wednesday, Tyson also visited the Fade 2 Karma professional Hearthstone players for a live-streaming session broadcasted on Alliestrasza Macpherson’s Twitch channel. It was the first time the former pro boxer competed in Hearthstone. 

“It was pretty awesome. I had the opportunity to really engage with some millennials, which I never really actually do,” Tyson told ESPN on Thursday. “This is the first time, and I thought it was pretty awesome. We played Hearthstone. I really sucked real bad. You have to start somewhere. I played games before, so I’m going to start over and see what happens from here.” 

It seems like investing in eSports teams is becoming a growing trend for celebrities. The former boxer will be joining a surge of personalities who have been making the leap into esports including Rick Fox, Shaquille O’Neal, Stephen Curry and much more. 
The eSport industry continues to become a new frontier for investors looking to capitalize on the future of sports. In 2019, the industry is projected to eclipse $1 billion in annual revenue, according to a report by analytics firm Newzoo.