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Nexon to acquire Swedish game developer Embark Studios

Nexon has laid designs to completely gain Embark Studios, a Swedish game advancement studio set up in 2018 by DICE author Patrick Söderlund.

The course of action reported today observes Nexon expanding its stake in the organization from 66.1 percent to 72.8 percent, and enables the organization to completely secure any residual offers throughout the following five years. 

These latest investment and obtaining plans try to facilitate the Tokyo-based organization’s objective of growing its attention on the West, thanks in no little part to the way that it currently plans to have Embark drive its Western advancement procedure.

Since Embark first opened, Nexon has been steadily putting increasingly more in Embark and bringing its possession up all the while. Simply a month ago, Nexon turned into the dominant part proprietor of Embark by bringing its stake up in the organization from 32.8 percent to 66.1 percent, making Embark a merged auxiliary of the Nexon Group in the advancement.