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Sigma Resources Acquires Simcoach Games

Integration of games, product development and analytics bring new tools, techniques and learning experiences to education and workforce development.

Sigma Resources announced an agreement to acquire Simcoach Games. Through this acquisition, new game-based solutions will be developed to empower the individual and address the needs of education and workforce training sectors. Founded in 2005, Simcoach Games, having successfully produced hundreds of games for leading business enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions, transforms learning, unleashes potential, and positively impacts individuals, enterprises, and society. With millions of global players of Simcoach’s games, workforces become better assessed and trained, safety is improved, academic lessons mastered, complex real-world scenarios understood, and personal development enhanced.

Learning strategies and educational products are rapidly changing, and Sigma and Simcoach synergies will accelerate this evolution. We believe our combined efforts will advance the learning transformation that educational institutions, workforce organizations and business enterprises require, and diverse and energized learning communities deserve.

Ms. Sandy Kaleida, Sigma Resources CEO

For over 20-years, Sigma Resources has delivered software product and data analytics solutions to help companies grow and transform their businesses. Sigma has developed solutions to solve business problems in new and creative ways by leveraging emerging technologies with a customer and product focus. By combining capabilities, Sigma and Simcoach will develop game-based products to address the evolving needs in education and workforce development. In addition to engaging diverse talent of all ages, games are proven to be an ideal vehicle for learners to assess skills, explore interests, make choices and absorb information. From learning environments that include classrooms, workplaces and worksites, as well as personal and private learning spaces, games enable skills and aptitudes to be discovered, behaviors to be modified and changed, and personal development to be advanced in a motivating way.

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