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United Kingdom
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Spilt Milk Studios

Spilt Milk Studios is a multi-award-winning independent games developer and publisher, founded in 2010 and based in London, UK.

We've released 6 original games commercially released, 5 of them original IP. We've also worked on the same amount of games for non-commercial use, including charity and festival work.

We're active and motivated members of BAFTA, UKIE, Limit Break mentoring & Develop Conference Advisory Board

Most recently Super Doom Wall - our 3rd person PvP shooter - launched for Stadia (inside Crayta) on 1st July 2020 - and we launched the massively successful mobile game King of Crabs onto Steam Early Access for Robot Squid, on 3rd July 2020, breaking 150k players within 3 weeks.

We're experienced across genres, style & platforms including Mobile, PC, VR & Consoles,
Action, Arcade, Horror, Comedy, RPG, Puzzle, Farming, PvP, MMO, singleplayer, co-op, 3rd person, 1st person.