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Number of Full-Time Employees
Year Founded

Illogic Games

Illogic Games was founded in 2021. We're still working on our first title and we're fully aware this is not going to be a great hit. We understand there is a learning curve and we consider our first title a stepping stone for larger projects down the road.

However a young studio, it is led by a software engineer with more than 20 years in the industry. We do not have much experience with selling or promoting games, and we think a partnership with an experienced publisher will help us grow in the right direction.

Right now, we're working within what our budget allows, but we want to steer into VR and the metaverse. We believe that VR gaming and experiences is the next big thing and we want to become a VR studio.

We have dozens of plans, ideas and dream, but we also have our feet firmly planted in the ground and know that before we can fly, we first need to learn to crawl.

We just need a little help getting on our feet! <3