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Find a publisher for your game on GamesRound. On the platform game developers can connect with publishers and Investors globally without going to industry events. Publishers and investors use the platform to find new games, make offers, and secure deals, especially now, when all offline events are cancelled.

Reach dozens of publishers and investors with one registration
Your game will be viewed by relevant people, who are searching for games like yours
Save time and money - no need to travel to gaming events or browse publishing websites for a submission form
Choose the best deals between different publishers
Leverage our Discord GameDev community to check deal conditions
Take advantage of investor funds accumulative of $150M

How to get on the platform?

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Sign up
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Publishers on the platform

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Games for which platform, genre, stage can be discovered on the platform?
Any platform (Mobile, PC, Consoles, etc.), Genre or Stage, there are Publishers on the platform looking for different things. Some focus on soft-launched Mobile games, some prefer PC and Consoles Premium games with good storytelling.
How much do I pay for Certification?
Nothing, we are building the community. Facebook has always been free for users, and still doing good.
Why are you creating it?
We are building the #1 global gaming marketplace, the launchpad for new titles.
How do you make money?
We will be offering advertising opportunities for developers and publishers when it's the right time.
Registering on the platform takes time. How can I be sure I'll find the game?
The chances are high as we constantly receiving new games.
Can you help with a deal?
You can contact us on and we'll see how we can help.
Where are you based?
We are based in Silicon Valley - Mountain VIew, California, USA.

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