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Music Challenge

Everyone loves music, but everyone else therefore listens to different music.
We have now brought you a game where you can listen to music and play at the same time!
Get as many points as possible to play as many challenges as possible!
New challenges are constantly emerging so everyone can find what they like.

A round can be played in 1-2 minutes, so you can play and score points either during a break at school, at work at lunch time, or even while your child sleeps in the afternoon!

The game will soon be expanded with a huge feature: you will be able to compete with either your best friend or your enemy!
But in the meantime, get the most out of the game and yourself!
In the meantime, get to know as many new music styles / songs as possible, bring your old favourites to life or listen to your current favourites!

The whole app is free, there are no paid stuff on the app either, so anyone can play with it!

Google Play URL:

App Store URL:

Application statistics since start (19th of June, 2020) :

App Store setups (as of 2nd of July, 2020):
- Google Play: 229
- Apple App Store: 204

Daily active users:
- 1 Day: 60
- 7 day: 466
- 28 day: 555

User sessions:
- Challenges started: 9600
- Challenges finished: 8900 (around half of them had Admob interstitial ad shown)
- Daily user engagement: 9m 35s

User registrations: 280 (still growing)

User notifications enabled: around 200 (we can send notifications to open up new challenges to these users, still growing with user base)

We are releasing new challenges every week and sending notifications to users.
At the moment almost all the users are from Hungary, we did no advertising at all, just published the app store URLs on our Youtube channel (around 3K subscribers)

Based on the (both) app store reviews, people likes a lot the application and playing. with it on a daily basis.

Future plans:
We are planning to add multiplayer functionality, to let our players to be able to compete with each other on random or selected music challenge!