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Dawn of Mages

Demo live on steam:

Dawn of Mages is a third-person multiplayer arena PvP game. It uses spell casting, not gun shooting, because we want something else. It has free targeting system, over 100 builds to play with, power-ups, buffs, debuffs and most importantly, the maps will never stay the same. There is also a destruction system and even buffs to enemies. Yes, buffs, not debuffs.

The game will be launched with a total of 25 spells. More will be added later. These are arranged in 5 classes, and you have the type of spell for each class. You will be able to make your own build (what spells to play with) by choosing 1 spell for each type.

Types of spells:
Main: a bolt, with medium to high speed, unlimited range, low damage, low mana cost
Close: as the name states, a very short-range spell, instant, with a medium damage output and mana cost
AoE: area of effect spell, limited range, instant, low to mid damage and mana cost
Far: it’s kind of a sniper spell, instant, unlimited range, high damage, high mana cost, only usable with magic scope. “No scope sniping” does not exist in Dawn of Mages.
Ulti: this is your ultimate spell. Highest damage output, highest mana cost, unique to each class of spells

Classes of spells:
FIRE: lower than normal damage, BUT ignores shield
ICE: lower than normal damage BUT burns stamina (enemy can't run). We don’t like crowd control in general, especially powerful ones so in Dawn of Mages you’ll only have light crowd control. We want the game to be dynamic, fun, and not frustrating.
TEMPEST: here is the surprise, unique to Dawn of Mages! Tempest class of spells gives a buff to enemies! Yes, buff, NOT debuff, but buff. To enemies! It gives them speed (fills up stamina). So, you hit an enemy and he can run for longer due to stamina increase. How does that make sense you ask? Well, tempest has the highest damage of all classes, and we like to keep things interesting.
POISON: normal damage, but with a twist. Most of the damage is instant and the last part is damage over time, which stacks. So, you can either frag someone after he ran away, or your frag can be stolen because the damage over time didn’t finish the job
VOID: lowest damage in game, BUT a portion of the damage is converted in health for yourself, so life steal. Basically, you kill slower, but you are also hard to kill.

Universal spells (available to all, all the time):
MELEE: If you are out of mana, you are not really a sitting duck. You also have your fists. It’s hard to land melee damage because unlike many other games, you don’t have a speed buff when using melee. Therefore, melee in Dawn of Mages is powerful. It inflicts a lot of damage, ignores shields, and also restores mana.
BREACH: Now this is another unique feature in Dawn of Mages and that is why we previously said that the maps will never be the same. BREACH is a spell that makes a gateway through most walls and props, it’s instant, costs no mana, instant kill, 1 minute cooldown. Important! You must face a wall or prop closely for the spell to work. It will not work everywhere. It's up to you to discover.

On the ground, you will find PowerUps (Shards). These are:
Health shards: 30 HP
Mana shards: 40 mana
Shield shards: 20 shield
Speed shards: Stamina locked on full for 10 seconds
Damage shard: 3x damage for 10 seconds. There is only one on each map.

Game modes:
Now here is a vast discussion but we will keep it short. We want this game to be truly for the gamers, for the community, so we will have in the "Early Access" stage, free for all and team deathmatch. But from here… We can do anything the players want. For example, we can add capture the flag, or battle royale.

We thank you for your time reading this.