CrazyLabs Acquires Hypercasual Games Developer Firescore Interactive

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CrazyLabs, a leading hypercasual mobile game developer and publisher, announced that it acquired hypercasual games studio Firescore Interactive. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

CrazyLabs said the company’s acquisition follows its plans on expanding in India and grow its game development business.

“The success of Firescore Interactive was a confirmation to everything we thought when we first started expanding CrazyLabs to India,” said CrazyLabs COO Guy Tomer. “India is a strategic market and an invaluable resource for game development talent and creative skills. While this deal is the end result of a very successful collaboration, we have no doubt it is merely the beginning of CrazyLabs India.”

Karan Khairajani, the co-founder of Firescore Interactive, commented: “We are very excited to become an official part of CrazyLabs, and we are even more excited with the opportunity to expand CrazyLabs business in India. Our team has worked extremely hard to get to this point, and this is well-deserved validation. The close relationship and open communication with CrazyLabs was a key differentiator for us from the get-go.”

“The hyper-casual arena is super-competitive, and offering small and medium India-based studios the know-how, the experience, and the professional tools to create hyper-casual hit games is very symbolic for us. Our goal is to take the game development industry in India to the next phase, and we are thrilled to take this step together with CrazyLabs,” added Surojit Roy, co-founder of Firescore Interactive.

CrazyLabs continues to be an integral part of Firescore’s success, with the company publishing three of its games in the last two years.

Founded by Karan Khairajani and Surojit Roy in Mumbai, India, Firescore Interactive partnered with CrazyLabs to launch Soap Cutting in Christmas 2019, which was downloaded over 50 million times.  In 2020 CrazyLabs published Firescore’s second hit, Acrylic Nails, which was over 30 million downloads to date.

CrazyLabs also launched a hypercasual gaming accelerator with the company in India last year. With over 4 billion downloads in April, CrazyLabs is a top publisher in hypercasual and casual game development, distribution, innovation.

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