Fragbite Acquires Dead Cells Mobile Publisher Playdigious

dead cells

Indie games publisher Playdigious has been acquired by Fragbite Group AB (formerly FunRock). The Swedish mobile game company will acquire 100% of Playdigious shares for an unknown sum.

The acquisition of Playdigious will allow Fragbite to scale up and expedite its’s publishing and indie games business.

Based in Montpellier, France—Playdigious is mainly into game publishing and has been helping indie developers make their games available on mobile platforms, the most impressive of which was Dead Cells. The game had sold over one million units in China alone since launching back in February this year and is a shining example that Playdigious knows how to find great gaming content for gamers everywhere.

“I am very pleased to welcome the Playdigious and its employees to Fragbite Group. In addition to strengthening the Group’s earnings capacity, we’re also strengthening our Group with two experienced entrepreneurs, who add both cutting-edge expertise and commitment. Through the acquisition, another business area is added to the Group, Publishing & Indie games, which gives us good opportunities to be able to build a strong platform to grow further from”, comments Tengvall.

Stefan Tengvall, President and CEO of Fragbite Group, said he’s pleased to welcome Playdigious and its employees to Fragbite and hopes that the partnership will strengthen its earnings and expertise in its newly launched publishing and indie games business.

Meanwhile, the co-founders of Playdigious also spoke on occasion. Xavier Liard, CEO, and co-founder of Playdigious, said he’s thrilled to be a part of Fragbite Group, which will help the company get access to resources and talent needed to grow the business further.

”We are thrilled to become part of Fragbite Group so we could add competence and resources to utilize the potential even more and grow the business further. The Group shares a common vision with us, including valuing the team experience and trust-based relationship with all our partners.” Liard said.

Romain Tisserand, CTO and co-founder of Playdigious, commented, “We are convinced that this is a great opportunity for Playdigious to be part of Fragbite Group AB and this will bring additional value to the group and Playdigious future growth.”

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