Games Training Platform Novos Raises $6M In Funding


Novos, a virtual games training platform, announced that it received a $6 million investment in a funding round.

MizMaa Ventures led the funding round with participation from Remagine Ventures, Kaedan Capital, Gal Ventures, and others.

Based in Tel Aviv, Novos is a company that offers training in popular games like Fortnite for gamers wanting to improve their skills.

Or Briga, CEO and co-founder of Novos, said, “Unlike professional sports, the path towards improvement (as a gamer) is a mystery. This is the reason we started Novos. We give them the best training activities and sessions to complete while they have the opportunity to be part of a friend group, play with other people, train with other people. We do all of this in an holistic way. It’s not just mechanical skills, and it’s not just about watching videos. We encourage gamers to take breaks after long days of gaming. This is Novos in a nutshell.”

Novos’ goal is to develop customized training programs for all sorts of gamers, from amateurs to esports pros, with the help of its platform. It currently offers courses for Fortnite and a few other games, with plans to add more titles.

“Few industries are growing as rapidly as gaming, and the team at NOVOS is helping to build the infrastructure which makes that possible,” said Applebaum, partner at MizMaa. “Creating a methodological way for players to improve in the activity they love is so important, and the team at NOVOS, all gaming practitioners, are the perfect people to build such a product.”

Recently, French AdTech platform Gadsme raised $8 million in a seed funding round led by Galaxy Interactive and Ubisoft. The studio intends to use funds to scale its workforce, expand its operations, and in-game advertising efforts.

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