In-game Adtech Platform Gadsme Raises $8M In Seed Funding


Gadsme, an interactive AdTech platform, has announced that it has raised $8 million in a seed funding round just 11 months after launch.

Galaxy Interactive led the round with participation from Ubisoft, among others.

Through in-game advertising, Gadsme creates high-quality immersive brand experiences for clients.

Gadsme will use the funds to hire key people to scale its workforce, expand its operations, and in-game advertising efforts “to meet demand”.

“For more than two years, we three co-founders bootstrapped the company to build the most technically advanced Immersive Ads solution,” said Gadsme co-founder and CEO Guillaume Monteux. “For our seed round, we wanted to find partners that could bring vast knowledge and expertise into our business. Not just provide capital, but genuine experiences and learnings in the exact industry we operate in. With Galaxy Interactive, Ubisoft, and other major games company founders as shareholders, we’re now poised and ready to execute on our vision.”

Gadsme collaborates with major developers such as Ubisoft, TapNation, Tilting Point, and Voodoo to provide in-game advertising services.

Simon Spaull, CRO and co-founder, commented, “We’re excited to see how the AdTech industry will develop further in 2022 and to be a key player in connecting studios and brands.”

“We’d met various companies in the in-game Ad space, but Gadsme’s product and the team really resonated with our beliefs and our vision, “said Galaxy Interactive’s CEO, Sam Englebardt. “Guillaume and his team are a natural fit with our client portfolio, and their attention to detail, unique approach and laser-focused vision capture what we believe to be the right path forward. We’re excited by the space and look forward to helping Gadsme on their quest to put the player experience first in connecting brands with passionate audiences. These intersections will continue to play an important role in this new digital frontier, and we believe that the Gadsme team can make a true impact.”

With over 3 billion players worldwide and billions of hours spent playing their favorite games, trillions of ad impressions are now accessible.

Gadsme prioritizes non-intrusive ad formats that are native, immersed, and integrated into the game experience rather than full-screen video display or interstitial advertising formats that may ruin the gameplay experience.

In other news, Legendary Play had raised $4 million in a funding round led by Bitkraft Ventures for developing games catering to the esports audience.

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