MyGames’ Invests $2m In Talerock And Square Triangle

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MyGames Venture Capital (MGVC), the investing wing of My.Games have funded two gaming development companies: Square Triangle and Talerock, for an amount totalling $2 million. Through the transactions, MGVC has gained minority stakes in the studios with the opportunity to acquire control.

Over the first nine months of 2021, InvestGame claims that MGVC has risen to become one of the world’s top 10 biggest strategic investors, with investments totalling more than $30 million. Since its inception, MGVC has invested in 49 recording studios, with 12 of them this year alone.  

“MGVC continues to expand and diversify its portfolio with games in new genres from outstanding studios. When we look for partner studios, the primary factors for us are the team’s experience, how original their idea is, and their business vision for the project. The teams at both studios were formed long ago and have several successful releases in their portfolios. I’m confident these partnerships will pave the way for many hit games,” said Nikita Matsokin, executive producer at MGVC.

Talerock is a Moscow-based game company formed in 2016. The studio currently has 17 people and is most recognized for its role-playing game Grimshade, which debuted in 2019. Currently, the studio is working on its next title, a mobile F2P hidden objects game. Talerock said the game that is being developed would have high-quality art, an engaging storyline, and options for character customization. The project is anticipated to be revealed in 2022.

Founded in 2020, Square Triangle is developing its first-ever title—a casual PvP sports simulator. The studio promises the game will feature engaging and dynamic gameplay and is expected to be launched next year. The creators of the Square Triangle have more than eight years of experience in the video games business. Staff is located all around the world.

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