OlliOlli Developer Roll7 Acquired By Private Division

olliolli world pubisher is Private Division

Private Division, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive, announced it had closed an agreement to acquire the developers behind the beloved OlliOlli series, Roll7.  This is Private Division’s first-ever acquisition. The terms of the deal are unknown.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Roll7 to the Private Division family,” said Michael Worosz, Executive VP and Head of Private Division. “As a team passionate about action sports ourselves, seeing how Roll7 combines the thrill of competition with the zen of achieving flow-state in a videogame is remarkable, and we can’t wait to show the world this phenomenon with our release of OlliOlli World this winter.”

Founded in 2008 by Simon Bennett, Tom Hegarty, and John Ribbins, Roll7 has won several accolades, including BAFTA for its titles, most notably, the OlliOlli series.

The London-based studio is currently working on soon-to-be-released OlliOlli World, to be published by Private Division. The game is slated for release in December. Roll7 also has several unannounced projects in development.

“Private Division has been an incredible publishing partner for OlliOlli World, and we’re elated to continue to grow as a studio as part of the label,” said Simon Bennett, Co-CEO at Roll7. “Private Division has empowered our amazing team to raise the bar on our creativity and scope for OlliOlli World. Joining the label puts us in a great position to continue to grow and to set our sights on achieving our ambition to become a pre-eminent global videogames developer.”

Private Division will assist Roll7 with all their future endeavors and allow Roll7 to produce their unique “flow state gaming” experiences with their distinctive style that has brought them critical and commercial success.

In addition to being Roll7’s publisher of its upcoming game, Private Division has been a publisher for several other titles such as Supergiant’s Hades, V1 Interactive’s Disintegration, and Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds.

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