Fintech Outfit Mana Interactive Closes $7m Funding Round

mana interactive raises $7 million in a seed funding round

Mana Interactive revealed that it had secured over $7 million in a seed funding round from several high-profile individual and institutional investors.

“Mana was developed by creatives who have been part of the gaming industry for decades and wanted to introduce a product that delivers the type of financial experience that reflects who its users are and what they care about,” said Joe Zhou, CEO of Mana Interactive. “The video game sector is currently untapped by financial applications companies and with its expansive market share and broad audience brings a major opportunity to offer an all-new service and rewards system that is currently unavailable.”

Formed in 2021, the Boston-based fintech firm provides mobile gamers with gift cards, coupons, and virtual currency by completing challenges while playing popular games such as Clash Royale and League of Legends.

The funding round was attended by One Way Ventures, Quasar Holding Co., Pillar, BlockDream Ventures, Sundance DiGiovanni, and Sandeep Nailwal.

The cash will help Mana achieve its objective of establishing a full rewards-based financial ecosystem that provides everything gamers want in one place. In addition, it will cover all current and future gaming platforms, giving a one-stop shop for everything gamers need.

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