Aspyr Media To Acquire MythForce Developer Beamdog

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The developer of Baldur’s Gate and MythForce, Beamdog, is all set to be bought by Aspyr Media, a subsidiary of Saber Interactive. Saber Interactive itself is part of the Embracer Group when it was acquired in February 2020.

The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Aspyr Media will acquire Beamdog’s entire catalog of enhanced re-releases of previous titles, including the studio’s first original title, MythForce.

Beamdog has developed its first original RPG, MythForce, which went into early access on April 20. Aspyr Media is the publisher of the game.

“This acquisition will open up a ton of exciting opportunities for us,” said Beamdog CEO Trent Oster. “Beamdog can now focus our talent, efforts, and imagination on building the great games we want to play while properly looking after established fan-favorite RPGs. Beamdog’s first original IP is a fun-filled start to our studio’s next chapter.”

Despite Aspyr’s acquisition, Beamdog will remain an “independent studio” within the company and continue developing its games.

Beamdog is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based game development company specializing in remastering classic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Planescape: Tormet. It was founded by the co-founder of the video game company BioWare Trent Oster and former BioWare lead programmer Camron Tofer. 

Based in Austin, Aspyr Media is responsible for the upcoming remake of a classic RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Republic.

Embracer Group has been acquiring many companies and studios over the past few years.

Recently, the Sweden-based holding company announced it had purchased three studios – Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montreal, and Eidos Montreal – from Japan-based publisher Square Enix Holdings for $300 million.

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