Noice Secures $5M To Develop A Social Platform For Gamers


Noice has announced that it has raised $5 million in a funding round to develop a social platform for gamers. The investment will be directed toward developing the Noice platform.

The first funding round included investors such as  Unity founder David Helgason (Unity founder), Ilkka Paananen, (Supercell founder and CEO), Kristian Segerstråhle (Super Evil Megacorp CEO), Markus Mäki (Remedy Entertainment founder), Pekka Aakko (cofounder of Applifier),  Bret Terrill (cofounder of Super Free Games), and the founder and CEO of Noice Jussi Laakkonen himself.

“Noice is a social platform for gamers. When you’re designing for gamers, the first thing to think about is what does your audience like. They like to play games, and most social media is not like a game. It’s boring. We approach the whole thing, with this core innovation, as a social platform that is playful,” Laakkonen said.

“Our first round of funding is quite exceptional as Noice is backed by entrepreneurs who’ve founded incredible companies like Unity, Supercell, Wolt, Remedy and Playfish,” commented Laakkonen. “They know first-hand what it takes to build pioneering user experiences and to scale businesses to world class. We are honored that they see that same potential in Noice.”

In addition to investors from major game studios, Noice’s initial employees also happen to be veterans from Unity, NaturalMotion, Zynga, Epic Games, Lightheart Entertainment, Seriously, and Redhill Games.

The Helsinki, Finland-based startup is co-founded by Jussi Laakkonen, who is also the CEO. Laakkonen previously worked as executive VP of Unity as well as served as the director of business development at Bugber Entertainment. 

Laakkonen didn’t reveal how Noice’s new platform will work, but Laakkonen said the new gamer-centric “playful social platform” will combine gaming with user-generated content.

Noice is currently developing the social platform, and the company said it is hopeful of releasing an open beta in early 2022. The startup now has 18 employees and is expected to hire an additional 15 people.

The company does not have any physical headquarters yet, but its workers are spread worldwide, with most of its workers based in Helsinki.

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