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Futuresalt Entertainment

We create innovative mobile puzzle games for Android and iOS devices, that are fun, boost logical thinking, and support environmental protection.

A problem which we want to solve:
People do not know exactly what pro-eco actions are worth participating in to support good environmental protection.

Connecting environmental awareness through connecting with the world of games.

Our idea is based on Sustainable Development Goals (ONZ) for-example climate action, clean energy, and by our games, everyone can support Pro-Eco actions very easily, so we based on three pillars:

1. Green Nudge inside games - for example: consume less power in exchange for points in a game.
2. We are creating a new Pro-Eco Gaming Social Network ecosystem. Thanks to this, we connect two worlds - players and people interested in supporting environmental protection.
3. Pro-Eco Fundraising - the player can buy digital products inside our games and some % of these purchases goes to the Pro-Eco Actions.